7 October 2009

More everyday views

One last hospital picture for Connor and Em, the day before his feeding tube came out and they were finally allowed home. He is nursing perhaps once a day now, and at least not actually screaming at the breast at other times (just falling asleep on it)! Expressed milk is making up most of the rest. It's not easy still, but better.The girls get another trip in the big wheel with Daddy.In fact, Daddy is popular all round. Even with those who don't otherwise like to sleep.A trip up to the farm to stock up the food cupboards gets us out in the fresh air. Even if I look noticably, well, exhausted!Tidying is in fact still providing solace for the troubled mind. Eating at the table again now I've moved all the piles of art work is another bonus.The season table is now on child level. The compromise between them using and loving it, and my need to have it looking "right" has finally loosened in favour of the play. I'm actually not feeling too control-freak-ish about it and am enjoying finding a pink cocoon baby hiding behind the candle, or a little pile of shells making a grotto for a mermaid under an autumnal tree!We popped over to keep my mum's dog company and take her for a wet walk. Well it was a little too muddy (poor dog has just had stitches so we decided to keep her out of the woods!) but it was still just PERFECT for puddle jumping down the road...The girls playing the piano at my mum's house. I loved this piano as a child, and I love the creativity of these small people and the way they instinctively create different moods in their playing. They were singing together as they played, just from time to time when they felt the need. Gorgeous!Playing at Chris and Em's house, and a beautiful shot of a distracted Emma doing her best smile and nod as the midwife tells her not to co-sleep.Family art time last night with the lovely new pencils I bought to suplement the vast array of cheap ones we have. I won't throw away junk materials (unless it's a pencil crayon that won't colour at all and can't be used as, say, a wand) but I have been slowly replacing them with better things. I used to have cheap ones for every day and nice things for projects, but now I have (almost) two sets of good materials. I still feel the need to keep one lot safe though! We're not 100% there on "gentle hands"!And that's my week. :)


  1. Looks like a good week. I love the puddle jumping pictures--that's one of Ingrid's favorite things to do!

  2. Lol, how funny that we both posted about moving our season tables for the every same reason!

    Love these photos as always. Your blog is so inspiring to me. Thank you

    Gina xxx


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