9 October 2009

Just a little more sleep


Frequent feeding, fine.

Not unlatching for more than half an hour all night? Not fine.

Mama needs more sleep. This phase has lasted a few weeks this time. I'm mostly beating it by finding quiet activities to enjoy all together, having Martin available a LOT (oh how I wish this were a feasible option ANY time I was tired) and by eating better again (easy to slip into lazy food and less fresh stuff when we are super-busy). But I am now way beyond tired.

For all the talking about this that we seem to do as parents, you'd think we'd have come up with a solution by now. Though if anyone else tells me that I'd get more sleep if I put her in a cot and left her to it, *I* might scream.

Last night I eventually had to go make myself a drink, and since she had settled back to sleep in Martin's arms, I slept in Jenna's bottom bunk for an hour. It was bliss.

Maybe if we don't have another baby eventually I will feel "caught up" but I've never hit that point with a toddler before I've had another newborn. But as with so many things, I will complain (it makes me feel better) but I wouldn't change it for the world. Nothing comes without a price.


  1. **Hugs**

    Just the usual of nap whenever you can - it's not the same as blissful uninterrupted nights sleep, but it will keep you going and sane :)

    I don't think there is a solution - at least not one that doesn't entail cots and "leaving em to get on with it). As you say there's a price for attentive parenting.
    With any luck the autumn and winter months will mean better sleep (just based on that fact I sleep better when it's darker and colder.. snuggling in bed just seems right lol).


  2. Can I join the exhausted club too please?!
    Thinking of you
    Gina xxx

  3. Well if you put her in a cot...

    ...you might get less sleep because...

    ...you'd be more anxious because Rowan wasn't next to you...

    ...you'd have to get out of bed to feed her...

    ...she would cry more because she'd be more awake before she got her milk...

    ...she may cry more because she would be in a strange place away from the warmth and comforting smell of her mama...

    ...you'd be having more disturbing dreams...

    ...you would probably be able to think of more reasons why she should be next to you rather than in a cot.

  4. Your post really rang true with me. My little guy at 2 years old, still prefers to be latched just about all night long. Sometimes I feel so drained, so exhausted. Complaining does help at times. So does repeating the mantra, "this too shall pass ..." But again, I wouldn't change it for the world because I do believe in this style of parenting.
    Hope you get some much needed rest.


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