22 October 2009

The little things

Still not much sleep. A little more, which helps, but not much more - which leaves me feeling even more fuzzy around the edges. Oh and an eye infection too (the joy) which is so far being treated with ebm (at least there's plenty of that)...

Still no employment for Martin. Something sounding hopeful for a great deal more pay than previously, but the hopeful tone came from someone who then emailed four times to ask questions that were answered on the CV...

But then there are these short perfect moments in every day when I'm not fighting myself to be nice to them. The overheard play and the moments when I realise it's OK to just let go and not keep spoiling their fun with instructions. The little things, a quick note from a friend, a hug from another. Tea cooked by someone else and company and board games until nearly midnight. A mug of organic three mint tea made without asking by my lovely husband.

And I am thankful.


  1. hope things look up on the job front :)

    Sounds like you guys are cozy and together, that's a positive!

  2. Lovely post Sarah :) I'm struggling with lack of sleep too right now and I'm definitely feeling that 'fuzzy around the edges feeeling' most days...Hope the eye infection clears up soon for you.

    Much love
    Gina xxx

  3. Another one fuzzy around the edges lol! Holly has croup and is feeding all night. Hope the eye infection soon clears up. Big hugs x


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