28 October 2009


Yesterday we went to Pickford House museum and met a lot of friends there (some even unexpectedly) - crafts were involved, which the girls were very happy about, though Morgan used so much glue hers still isn't dry.

Chris and Connor were trying out their new Mei Tai, and we happened to be using one of ours too.The matching hats were courtesy of the lovely Ashleigh, who made more knitted goodness for all of my little people!And quite a few of us came home to have Chinese, talk until late, and collectively nurse our babies.There is always something to do around here, and for once I have very little to say about it. It is beyond all value to have good friends and to spend a day touching in and catching up. We share our lives with such wonderful people.


  1. How great that you have such amazing friends :)

  2. What a gorgeous pic of Emma and Connor!

  3. Thanks for taking the pics, I will be knicking them for my facebook album:)


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