29 October 2009

Unconventional co-sleepers

My two smallest have been very funny co-sleepers recently. Morgan often starts the night out in our bed, or finishes it there, even though she isn't really co-sleeping fully anymore. Anyhow, Morgan's favorite co-sleeping position is on the end besides Martin, with her arms wrapped around his head. I may have made mention of this habit before.

If there is no adult to wrap yourself around however, a penguin will do.The smallest seems to have found a new place. Remember the only-sleeping-latched-on? Well one night last week I was so thoroughly fed up I dumped her unceremoniously out of reach of her milk, halfway down the bed on her back on top of the covers, neatly between Martin's and my legs. She rolled onto her side, sighed, and slept for five hours. The next night I did the same, nursed her until I felt like screaming, then moved her down the bed, where she settled off peacefully to sleep five hours. Last night, she put herself there.Well, wouldn't the world be a boring place if we were all alike?

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  1. Yes the world would be a boring place if we were all alike. I just hope Martin doesn't kick in his sleep like Cat sometimes does!
    The bad thing is that reading this post makes my insides squirm at the thought of what so many people will say when it's my turn to have a baby. I don't think my mother in law is going to find out about such outlandish practices!


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