7 October 2009

Another week

And another week off for Martin... Ya know I was praying we'd get more holiday. Be careful what you wish for, eh? I won't elaborate, free speech isn't what it's cracked up to be around here. But anyhow, still officially employed and we wait and see how long for.

In other news I'm feeling less depressed. I'm sleeping a bit more, connecting with the children a bit more, enjoying the company of my lovely husband, and cooking more again (butternut squash, sweet potato and chickpea curry was especially good). Emma took her first trip into town and bought theatre tickets for us, which made us both cry, because it feels like we've done so little.

And on almost every single REALLY bad day, my perfectly marvelous friends have seemed to know it and make me feel a little less alone. One day Naomi turned up with nice teas and chocolate. Another day Ashleigh mailed me some beads for a new nursing necklace! And then a postcard from Squee. :)

Right, the photo uploading game next!


  1. sorry I've not been commenting much lately, but I wanted to say you are often in my thoughts.

    I am glad depression is lessening. Never forget that you are a lovely and inspirational woman and mama who is doing a fantastic job supporting so many.

    Take care of yourself in the midst of it all, OK?

  2. You have been putting your heart and soul into supporting everyone else, I wish we were close enough to do the same for you. Keeping you all in our thoughts.


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