31 October 2009

Retail therapy-ish

Having a car still feels wierd to me, especially having Martin home to DRIVE the car, I am so used to planning journeys around what can be carried for small children, or where the busses go! The thing is, I'm really resenting using the car all the time, but on the other hand I know it is just me being silly when I want to catch a bus into town knowing the entire journey will cost us all £9 and parking all day costs £5. :(

Anyhow, we have discovered that there are two great little shops about a fifteen minute drive into the peak district, about as far as we ever travel in the normal run of things. The bus to get there takes about an hour, so I would very very rarely attempt it without Martin (I've done that trip twice in four years with children!) but suddenly it's within reach. So we weigh up, non-ecover (and therefore vegan society approved) washing stuff that does refills and doesn't itch my children, but we have to drive to get it.

The draw of really good traidcraft/gift/homeware/hippy clothes shops is strong though - especially since I promised myself that I WILL buy clothes I like and not whatever fits me from charity shops. My previous approach worked, I mean, I had clothes to wear, but I've ended up with lots of things that I don't like at all just in order to not buy junk and keep myself in clothes. I still only have one pair of jeans, which I wear daily! But eventually I have to give in and stop worrying about buying for myself.

So when Leanne arrived yesterday, we went looking for a coat for me. And came home with a coat for Martin.

Well, at least I tried.

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