1 November 2009

Seasonal home

Over the last couple of years, bringing the outside in has been such a treasured part of our family traditions. The season table seemed like a whimsical little nod to my own childhood more than a precious reminder to stay in step with the world outside our window. I couldn't see then, with one toddler, how much we would use it.

The inspiration wire was a really recent addition, and again I wasn't sure that it wasn't just something for me rather than something the girls would love and use and refer to.Treasures from walks, things we're enjoying right here in the now, seasonal projects and crafts. The activities I choose now seem to stay with the rhythm of the year much more than before, not because I'm deliberately looking for things to do that I can display, but because I have inspiration in the room we use the most.The Autumn is just the BEST time to start a season table. There is no shortage of little finds piled up there, and the colours are glorious.
The handprint leaves on this tree are a craft we come back to in different forms every year - they have quotes from my children; prayers of gratitude and things that they want to tell me they are thankful for. Especially treasured this year is the little Morgan hand that says, "thankyou dog, thankyou baby, thankyou mummy, thankyou to eat mine food, amen".


  1. Season tables are great, i am so glad we started ours =] if only to have an official spot to put the things we collect on our walks. Love the handprint picture too =]

  2. Oh, how beautiful little Morgan's hand prayer is :)
    Your home looks so welcoming and and full of Autumn love.
    sue xx

  3. Sarah, your blog is inspirin, as always. :)
    Really feel unsettled at the moment. Not getting a chance to celebrate the season and do things with my children the way i'd like to. This post is a reminder to try and find a way. Thanks. xx


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