27 November 2009

Jenna's Space Adventure

Last week I had a recording job to do. I am now the voice of someone's phone system, though I'm not giving anyone the number - it was embarrassing enough talking to the computer without thinking about how many people now have to listen to it being played back.

After just over an hour I was paid (rather generously for saying it was such a quick job), and off we went. We had made sure that Morgan didn't have to come too (she would have been climbing the walls so she went to Happy Tots with my in-laws instead). Really (ignoring the portable nursing sling-baby, in a Continuum Concept way of course lol) it was just us and our big girl.

What to do in Leicester with a Jenna and a small pay packet? Well, the National Space Centre beckoned. It was expensive to get in, but (unexpected bonus) we got free annual passes and Morgan will be free when we manage a return visit because she's under five.
There was a lot of reading, and Jenna wasn't interested in being lectured, but wow there was a LOT to see, and some of the activities were great fun.

All I expected was some fun running around somewhere new. But Jenna now really understands that day and night come from the earth's rotation and why it's dark for some of her American friends when it's daytime here. She knows the names of most of the planets in our solar system, and has some concept of what the Earth is like as a whole and what is up there beyond the sky. Whatever targets we might have set before going, or whatever we might have thought we were going FOR, it totally captured her imagination and that is all I hope for from a day trip adventure.


  1. Wow! I didn't even know we had a space centre in this country!

    Sounds a fab day out!

  2. Can I have the phone number of your voice please? ;)
    It sounds like a lovely day, and like a seed of fascination has been sown in Jenna that can be built upon in whatever way she chooses. Did the exhibition cover anything outside our solar system? It would have been great to be there, especially if it had shed some light on the current rotation of my poor stomach!

  3. One word: Awesome!

    P.S. posted the cardie today, keep an eye out :)


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