28 November 2009

Wintery indoorsy type stuff

Outside is never too cold for walking (or more puddle jumping, in yesterday's weather and top to toe waterproofing) but it is far too cold for sitting while the children play rolling down hills and digging holes in the mud with sticks. I'll admit it, I'm a bit of a wimp. Nowhere near as nesh as hubby though, he can't stand the cold at all!

We are inside a lot at the moment. I still don't feel settled with two adults in the house, and although things are mostly very peaceful there are stresses that just weren't there before. Martin and Jenna especially butt heads over silly things, and so everyone gets fed up with each other. We escape in our usual ways. Walking, reading, making. Jenna draws such sweet pictures - like this one of her on her bike.We cook together more and more. I have to keep reminding myself that the children don't need to be managed half as much as they need to be included.We have a couple of new things bought with money my grandma gave Jenna after her birthday (it took so long to decide what to do with the money I can't believe it didn't get spent on bills!). We found a shop that sells nice wooden toys near where we go to get our washing liquid refilled. And as ironic as it is for my children to have a doll's pushchair when we don't use one for our babies... This was what Jenna wanted most in the world. Morgan chose the little sweeping brush (£3!) and has been industriously cleaning with it ever since.

The siblings invent their own fun quite a lot. I love that the baby can get herself to standing and sitting and back to crawl mode now. Not without injury sadly (those bruises on her head - I'll show you in a minute lol)! She doesn't protest much, not about anything. She's such a happy little thing and loves to join in with her big sisters.
Craft begins to take a central role in our days again. Especially Christmassy crafting. We didn't do wrapping last year, but in deference to those who prefer it (and because we haven't done stamping for AGES) we made wrapping paper a couple of days ago.
Then we decorated candles, for gifts and for our own table.
Reading together.
Some pictures from a very quiet day today. First thing I had a lie in while Martin got up and took the children to a Dad's group event. Then I had a parcel from Ashleigh and some gorgeous knitting for Rowan (and birthday presents for me!) before going to meet mum, who had booked me a back massage. What a great day lol. But look at those baby bruises!

Lastly, I realised this week that I haven't shared our Season Table for ages, so here are our end-of-Autumn seasonal decorations. :)


  1. It is a nice pushchair.. and I reckon it would make a grand portable deck chair for the beach for little bums too! ;-)

  2. Lol I'm sure it would if it was a bit wider, so far Morgan hasn't tried to sit in it because her poor little bum would get stuck! Did you spot the baby feet poking out of the highchair behind it? Aw!

  3. Lovely photos, especially like the ones of the girls reading/playing together

  4. How long do you think before Jenna tries to put Rowan in the pushchair? :-)

    Hey, and send Morgan round here, she looks to be an expert with that sweeping brush, and these laminate floors ALWAYS need a sweep, (even immediately after being swept,drives me batty!)

  5. love the candles and the reading pics!

    Charlotte xx

  6. I'm loving the candles, and I love the idea of homemade, stamped wrapping paper. It's so cute and such a great way to entertain little hands for a while.

    Forgot to mention, the cardigan is made from a yarn which is 80% bamboo and 20% wool (I love how soft it is, and I thought you'd like the all natural fibre nature of it. It is machine washable (yay!) and reshape whilst damp, no tumble drying. Those are official washing instructions. Was going to cut them from the band and mail them, but forgot... oops. BTW, does it fit okay? Pattern says it's for 6-12months.

  7. We've been out den building a lot lately in this weather - the boys don't seem to feel the cold but I'm numb....we need snow :0)

  8. i love your photo of them all in a line with their little legs all stretched out , your seasons table looks great too x

  9. Lovely photos, it's beautiful when the littlest one joins in with the playing isn't it :)

    Gina xx

  10. I also have a baby with similar bruises and several bumped mouth incidents too. It wouldnt be half as bad if he didnt have so many teeth!! Bless them its so lovely to see them developing but no so nice to see them fall. And Caleb has the same outfit as Rowan, the brown one with the trees on it. We (well I) love it :-)

  11. Aw Kit, it is so hard to watch them fall but at least this stage doesn't last for long! Hey, what am I saying, I want this stage to last forever - just without the bruises!

    Ashleigh, it fits beautifully, thankyou. :) This style really will fit for a while too. xx


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