22 November 2009

Green Parent Weekend

We spent more time just talking than six months ago, and there were other nappyless babies kicking happily on the floor and chatting away to Rowan. And, basically, it was a proper holiday from "real" life. As before, we didn't want to come home.Only a few really good shots, but somehow that doesn't matter. We have a lot of lovely memories.


  1. Lovely to see your photos. We had such a great time too!

  2. looks like you had a brilliant time , again we couldnt come but have high hopes for spring x

  3. Some lovely photos of Leni and Jenna there!

    We had a great time...and it was great to have a little gang of nappy free babies!


  4. I was surprised they let go of each other at all during that weekend lol, Jenna does ADORE Leni! :)

    Feel free to pinch pictures if you see one you like, or I can email them to you.


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