1 November 2009


Every year we tell Jenna a little story about the pumpkin. How at this time of year the Earth seems to be dying, but really it is just going to sleep, shutting up tight and shedding the old coat, snuggling its life down deep inside the soil. The warm heavy globe of the pumpkin, with its hidden light shining, reminds us every year that the light is still there, is just hiding and waiting for the right time to shine out.
Yesterday we saw family, and baked and cooked until the kitchen smelled heavenly. Sweet potato and pumpkin soup, bread, pumpkin seed brittle, baked potatoes with home-made coleslaw, apple cake... Yum!We also rearranged the season table to make room for some carved pumpkins.And then we had a late night board games session with Em and Connor and Ashleigh and Leanne. Some of us fell asleep during the games, but hey - we would hate to have missed anything by going to bed early!This year I feel like I've made a real transition of this celebration. The light of hearth and home burning brighter than the sun, that sort of feeling. Oh but it's still good to be out in the brisk Autumn winds. Though the torrential downpour this morning did put us off a little... ;)


  1. "The light of hearth and home burning brighter than the sun."

    That is such a wonderful quote. It really should make it's way onto our season table!

  2. Yes, I love that too. Beautiful photos again :)

  3. Your feast looks lovely! So does your season table, I like the pumpkins.

  4. I love the pumpkin story :)
    Beautiful photo's too.
    sue xxboamp

  5. Sounds like you had a lovely day. :)

  6. Yummy soup and heavenly bread were an excellent way to say goodbye to the autum, and the story is such a beautifully analogous description of the world.


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