5 November 2009

Dashing off another short update

This seems to be the way of things right now doesn't it? I look at the last month or so and everything is so fragmented, all the little routines have fallen apart, I feel like I'm in fog all the time through lack of sleep, and my blogging is either short and ramble-y or just pictures! Life with all of us in the house doesn't fit into my neat little boxes (when has anything ever?) and there is often very little to say about it anyway.

Things are quite good. And quite busy.

We have been board-gaming. We have walked. And shopped (oh how I hate shopping at the moment, still, I dealt with my urgent need for clothes and they are rainbow coloured and that is all to the good). The children have read stories and fed their dollies and chatted so much I think my ears might fall off (now who could they take after?) and played those hysterically funny games where I can only watch and try to remember.

We gave up dithering temporarily and hired a carpet cleaning machine so that I can exchange my concern about the baby crawling on the filthy rug for my concern about the soap formula and potential fumes. We looked for a highchair, decided we don't need one, and almost bought one anyway, before deciding we really don't need one. For now. I'm feeling a bit of a failure at making green choices, perhaps because so many things have seemed to need doing urgently recently and the time and money to think about what our options are is never there.

Not to mention the takeaway, which seems to have re-entered my life with a vengeance.

I sigh, and plan, and hope to do better. Oh don't worry, I'm not being too hard on myself and I'm not spiraling into blame and depression, just re-evaluating. Always re-evaluating.

The baby has pulled her little self up to standing several times a day over the last week. And when we told Jenna that we're going away this weekend, to the Green Parent meet, she was so happy she cried. Sometimes things just are what they are.


  1. Hope your carpet cleaning machine works wonders :) We had the same concern when Ingrid started crawling and we have wall to wall carpet...And I feel you on how hard it is to make green choices and stay away from pre-made food when you are busy and just want something or need something NOW!

  2. He he, Grace has been cruising for a while now too! She has also discovered that she can climb onto the very back of the sofa, and balance there unaided! Scary stuff! :)



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