22 November 2009

Sale Post

Twice a year, the Kwon Sale raises money for charity *and* provides the bulk of my girls' clothes, all in one lovely package. It was this weekend, and as per usual here I am taking pictures of the bargains I am ridiculously proud of.

Rowan's introduction to food has been entertaining so far as she is one of those babies who, when placed on a lap to share food, will put her entire body in your dinner plate given the slightest chance to do so. She is a grab-with-both-hands-and-rub-into-face kind of BLW infant. This is fun - for her.

After much deliberation we decided to get a highchair, and after looking at lots of expensive wooden ones I said perhaps we'd better wait until Kwon. There were two lovely wooden highchairs at the sale. They both got taken within thirty seconds of the sale opening (I was standing looking at the tag on one when someone actually took it out of my hands!! Talk about getting too competitive!). So we have this instead. Well, if I must have plastic at least it is second hand. And small.Of course, lots of great, cheap, pre-loved play clothes...Plus a NEW Motherease Onesize for £2, and a pair of teeeeny green felted booties for £1 that will be heading out to a certain kitten shortly (yes, Squee, that means YOUR kitten). :)


  1. we have that same high chair--and you're right, if it has to be plastic, this one's a good one. LOVE the mushroom jumper and the felted booties!!

  2. LOl, it will cost you more to post them than they cost to buy! Thank you extremely muchly! CAt is having a mini panic about It being far too early to get any baby stuff yet, so maybe I won't show him straight away
    :) :) :) :)

  3. Oh, that is the ikea Antilop - widely known as the "best" highchair for BLW around, I think because the tray comes up close to the baby, unlike the huge padded monstrosities they sell in Mothercare etc with shoulder straps to hold them back and reclining seats (why anyone would need a reclining seat to wean a 6 month old baby I don't know - they are obviously catering to the market that wean a lot earlier!) and it's minimal in construction and easy to clean. So it looks like you got a good deal :) Also, although the wooden ones are more eco-friendly they tend to have flat trays which are not useful when babies decide to windscreen wiper everything off onto the floor ;)

    Amy (foreversomeday)


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