25 November 2009


These posts are lazy, but I do so enjoy recording the favorite games in our house from time to time. ;) I was thinking today about how, when I look back at my pictures, the days seem to run together so similar and so uncomplicated.

It isn't that we've just done NOTHING, or nothing new. Things are new and interesting, changing, every day. We have played a lot but we haven't only played. We have learnt a lot but mostly things I can't pin down in a picture or an essay. And things aren't always easy. We have been for walks that I didn't photograph, even to events that just don't seem as big as a quiet moment in play.The pictures don't tell much of the story at all in weeks like this. But somehow I think they tell most of the important stuff.


  1. Kittens playing with Qwirkle pieces! Yippee! :)

  2. Definitely important stuff :) Very cute princess outfits!

  3. play posts are always way more important than any other!! I love play posts :)


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