3 November 2009

Odd portraits

Whenever I try to get a picture of Emma, she is always talking. It is really hard to get a shot of her doing anything without her being in full flow, and even if I warn her I'm about to take a picture, she can't help replying to that! I've never known anyone so hard to get a good picture of - until Leanne. She almost always has her eyes closed in the pictures I have of her.

Nevertheless, she is a wonderful house-guest. She clears up after herself (and us) and does dishes. She doesn't panic when a small child causes mayhem, or bursts into tears, or cracks their head on something, or kicks her when rolling around on the floor. She drinks green smoothie, and we play games and talk into the night. She is very appreciative of my random cooking. Especially bread. Though who can resist fresh-baked Challah for breakfast?

In short, this week has been fun. I love the chaos and friendship, and am grateful for both. Thankyou!


  1. Ooo, what's your Challah recipe? We have been keeping Shabbat since moving here, and after buying it from the market at over £2 a loaf, I think I have finally cracked it - always up for tweaking it though!


  2. I am always more than happy to share the chaos and friendship with you, and I equally love to share your yummies and my games.
    You lot are all amazing friends, and I consider myself honoured and fortunate to have found you in such a big world.
    It's also an honour to be decent competition for Emma in my photographic elusiveness!
    I can't wait to be able to swap roles and be the host for a change though! Now I do relish a challenge, you know!

  3. Angie: 200g white flour plus a couple of spoons each powdered milk and wheatgerm. Add yeast, plenty of honey, and warm water to make it a thick paste. That gets left until I have time to pay it more attention.

    I stir in another 300g of flour with two whole eggs and one yolk, a pinch of salt and 50g melted butter, and knead in at least another 100g flour after that. Often raisins. Rise for a couple of hours, punch down, give more time to rise again before plaiting and baking.

    It takes much longer than other breads because the egg inhibits rising, but it's worth it!


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