24 September 2010


Heading to the dog park for a walk and to find a branch we can use as a frame for an Autumn weaving.
The council have taken all the low branches from our favorite tree, a beautiful slender young Alder. I was so saddened by this, but consoled by the lovely big chunks that have been accidentally left behind all over the park. And of course, there are still going to be plenty of cones that the tree generously drops just for our craft projects and decorations. ;) Heal well, lovely tree!

We found our Yule log, and best of all, it is a large offcut from OUR Alder. I couldn't be more pleased with it, and plenty of time for it to dry out nicely before the Solstice too. 

Our finished weaving, with yarn, rovings, twigs, willow pieces and pampas grass! :)


  1. Lovely, Imogen and I are always checking out branches for weaving. Loving the autumnal colours xx

  2. Love that weaving, what a fab, beautiful idea xxx

  3. Love the weaving.
    And the pumpkin hat looks great on a gorgeous girl.

  4. Lovely!! hope your dear tree heal soon!


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