5 September 2010

Foraged and Found

We really needed to talk a walk, so we went to one of our very favorite places (again, yes, I know) and picked more berries. :)

Sloes, rosehips, haws and blackberries. I now have one batch of elderberry syrup made, and some tincture steeping. I also have a big mixed bag of prepared hedgerow foraging, another bag of just blackberries, a bag of sloes, and a small bag of more elderberries, all in the freezer. I think jelly, cordial, gin and truffles. :)We took a picnic and sat in a little wooded area, and paddled too - yes, it was VERY cold!

Rowan touched this spider, very gently, and exclaimed in surprise when it ran away. She went to kiss it, actually, but then decided better of it, with her funny baby chatter telling me all about it.In the hide watching the ducks and swans.
Ponies out in the flooded gravel pit again. Jenna was chatting animatedly to a total stranger about the horses, well, about EVERYTHING, and it just made my day to have her be heard and not belittled by an adult who clearly enjoyed their conversation. :) Whoever you are, that man, thankyou. :) My poor six year old was CONVINCED the white horse was a unicorn, so when it turned and she could see that what she thought was a horn was in fact an ear, she was quite upset. But, ever philosophical, she thought of the ice cream van in the carpark and dashed off to see if it was still there.On the way back we had to stop for a bulb for the car (which has the dreaded MOT next week) and I went into one of my favorite charity shops, and TKMaxx (in dire need of a large loaf tin). So I have treasure! The charity shop yielded a cord skirt for me, a cardigan for Morgan, a bread bag, and some children's books. :)I am feeling inspired to start our Not Back to School week! Forget the hiccups of last week, we have crafting and mayhem to persue. Check the pretty planner, add some more ideas to our list of things to do, and breathe. :) Here we come September! Again. ;)


  1. Ohhhh lovely photos.

    Hehehe, do you know I spent quite some time wondering what the heck sloes were... until then I saw someone photo the bush they were on are realised they were blackthorn berries, lol.

    Have fun with the Not back to school picnic. :-) I think I will take Rye over to Brockhill park tomorrow, I was gonna go to the beach, but I fancy having a good explore, when I go with the HE group we tend to stay in one area cos that's where the kids are. Be nice to explore and see what treasures can be found:-)

    Anyhoos enjoy the rest of Sunday :-)

  2. How funny Jenna was convinced the horse was a unicorn! I just love how anything could be possible when you're six!!

  3. Glad you,re feeling better. Lovely photos. :-) H x.

  4. Hello, I am new to this Blog business, but I have started my own and found some wonderful little families who seem to have the same ups and downs as we do. I think you all are adorable and I will be keeping up with your adventures. Wishing you fun for September. xxx

  5. Sounds like all you had a good time... I can't imagine geting my feets in that COLD water. But I loved the idea of berry picking, I've never done that... no berries arround my home!

  6. Beautiful pictures. The paddling place looks vaguely familiar. I think my friend may have taken me there a while back.

  7. I'm sure you've been there, it's one of the little side tracks off the main walk through Attenborough nature reserve. :)


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