13 September 2010

From our Weekending

Saturday walk, foraging (crab apples this time) and visit to Grandad. :)

Jenna and Morgan found a gentleman fishing along one of these side paths, and bombarded him with questions which he answered so good-naturedly. They saw him catch and return two fish, and he let them hold some of the maggots (I know, but they were THRILLED)!Beautiful beautiful lake, with my girlies "fishing" with a stick.Oh how this photo breaks my heart - off they all go, one after the other, leaving my arms empty!

Tired out Morgan AND a nursing baby. My arms ached! Perhaps I will have my hands full for a little while yet.

View from Roland's window into the garden.Baby Boo cross give-me-your-tea face. And look at that bump!The Clark Family Tree made by my talented sister-in-law Alison.Memories of Nadia everywhere. :)


  1. such great pictures but that one of Rowan's bump on her head--youch!

  2. I LOVE your dress, so pretty!

    Looks like a lovely weekend :-)

  3. Amber I know! She fell out of the back door (lol) and the next day bumped her head in the exact same place and took the scab off! Ouch!

    Joxy thankyouu, I do love my rainbows! :)

  4. Lovely pictures, well except poorly bump!
    Love the dress, where did it come from? (if you don't mind me asking as another rainbow lover!)

  5. It was in a cheapy shop in town a while back, when I went back to get another two days later the shop had gone.

    Town is full of hippy dresses at the moment, if I look at all I just dither and end up not buying but that week I was rebelling against the wardrobe full of charity shop clothes that don't fit me! I haven't regretted it though, not the best quality fabric but a dress that is actually long enough for me (shock!)...

  6. It is lovely and just the length I like dresses too - touching the ground! Thanks anyway, often on the lookout for a dress like that.


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