22 September 2010

Creative experiments: Mama's Notebook

Mama's inner work this week is to listen to the beat, find my own place in the rhythm that moves the children so effortlessly, spend more time in prayer, find peace with exhaustion and lack of personal space ;) and oh, yes, throw myself into journalling and art and art journalling. I have been reading and admiring Daisy Yellow for a while and this month jumped in with September's creative experiments.

You know what, I love reading that blog, because the art is beautiful and amazing and inspiring but MOSTLY because it is just so approachable. None of these suggestions are things that make me think I "just can't". And in any case, I'm trying to kick the words "no good at" out of my vocabulary (previously, drawing and painting, would have been right up there in the list of things I "can't" do). So, anyhow, I'm willing to experiment. :)

Here's my first share, a few pages from my notebook. I already carry a notebook all the time (I think I've explained about me and lists and my ADD brain lol) so the challenge for me has been to push myself to doodle more, scribble more poetry in the margins, and be playful with my boring lists. In fact, in some ways, these are so personal I'm shy to show them now! So we'll start with my third ever attempt at drawing a freehand mandala (on lined paper, which never helps lol).And more pages because they are two of the most typical of me.
More creative experiments to follow, and maybe even my first journal page! :)


  1. What impressive doodles. You ooze with creativity even in your doodles!!

  2. Love your doodles, specially the last page! nice experiment!


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