6 September 2010

*8 Things: Warning Signs

Soulcare from Magpie Girl (via Pixie Mama)... *8 clues that I am not standing in my own power. The warning signs that help me recognise I need to change my approach.

1: Resenting the need to move to do something. ;)
2: Thinking that if only I had *this*, or did *that*, everything would be perfect.
3: Either not feeling like crafting, or not feeling like doing ANYTHING except crafting (ie crafting at expense of eating and sleeping = avoidance)!
4: Saying "should" and "ought" a lot.
5: Startling at physical contact - when I'm out of energy, low, or frustrated, I get a violent gut reaction to touch.
6: Saying "I don't care!" or waiting for other people to tell me what to do.
7: Not wanting to eat, not being able to think about food or plan what we will eat. Usually resulting in junk food.
8: Looking to screens for answers or distraction. That blasted refresh button!

So, my rescue plan for when I start to spot the signs... :)

- WORSHIP (and prayer, but most importantly worship ie taking the spotlight off me onto Him - or Her, ok folks, I don't believe God has gender, so sue me for using the traditional gender pronoun - right, overthinking this, sorry.)

Yes, some of you will probably wonder why I list prayer and worship as tools for standing in my own power, but the truth is I don't believe in self-help, and there is nothing like hearing myself say, "Lord you are God, I am nothing" to realise the contradiction in allowing myself to believe that I am unworthy when He has made me and declared me worthy! It's only when I give God His true place that I can see myself as His child. It is only when I hear myself going over and over sin He has forgiven that I can tell myself to shut up and stop the prideful self-flagellation.

- Touch the earth. Get out into the daylight, walk barefoot, plant something, find water, let the breezes blow the cobwebs away.

- Get down on the floor with my children.

- Write write write!


  1. Well I have sat here after a trying morning of first day home school ( yeah I know doing school at home does not work!!) and your recent musings have been absolute balm to my soul. Can't wait to catch up with you tomorrow and glean some much needed wisdom!
    San x

  2. So good to catch up with all Sarah, we have been offline for ages, Your little family is growing so beautifully and I love that you can always find the joy amongst the chaos and th chalenges of family life with lots of little ones!

    Sending lots of love to you all
    Gina xxxx

  3. Thankyou San, so looking forwards to meeting you tomorrow too! :)

    And Gina, I have missed you. I do hope you and yours are finding wonder and happiness too. :)

  4. This is great, and soooo what I need to do. Thanks for sharing it. H x


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