4 September 2010

And Stop

One thing I have to love about our efforts to keep Shabbat as a family, no matter what is undone when those candles are lit, it stays undone. There is this to be said for holy time, for parcelling of some small space as sacred, if nothing else it makes me stop trying to make everything perfect and just be present.At sun-down on a Friday, this is where I am. Prayers, candle lighting, grape juice and challah, food, and all of us, present. With a quick check online to make sure we don't miss sunset (you can add hours to the Sabbath, but never take time away from it). With our mistakes, forgetfulness and our hurried ways, with our imperfect understanding and our willing hearts, we come as we are. And everything else stops. Just for a while.

Even if I did not believe it to be commanded. Even if I did not believe it to be worthwhile in its own right. Shabbat makes me pause. Every friday night and all through Saturday, for that at the very least, I am thankful.

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  1. I loved this post Sarah, I don't have Shabbat in my life, but I understand and like a lot the need of that pause of everything else. Specially when you have someone loved to share it and be concious of the greatnes of life.
    Hugs to you ((()))


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