15 September 2010


Yesterday afternoon I was feeling very very noise sensitive. We all got very grumpy with each other when my little wild things were feeling manic and drumming on the furniture with knitting needles, and I just wanted to sleep. In the end, to avoid shouting, I sent them to play in their room, where they both fell asleep.

This morning they all slept in a little, except Roo, who was up ALL night feeding. Why? Why? You have been sleeping for ages, and now the not sleeping again?

Ah. Then she started coughing this morning and her eczema is a little inflamed. Oh, GO AWAY lurgy. We don't have time to be ill! We have PLANS. *sigh*Well, I suppose I am going to have to get to grips with my mood, and make new plans, that involve more resting and some of our elderberry cordial (hot, with manuka honey).Ah well, another time to take stock, evaluate, prune down to our barest need, and snuggle in together. This too shall pass. :)


  1. It's getting to that time of year again isb't it! The sniffles are beginning here too :(

  2. Ingrid's started getting up at night again too, it's frustrating. Hope Rowan isn't getting too sick!! Hope today is better :)

  3. I hope her eczema has gone by now!!! the same as the coughing!!!
    How are you? hope better!


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