9 September 2010

Rhythm and Ritual

Dual purpose posting this morning. :) A quick update on the waldorf daily and weekly rhythm, and some of the Rosh Hashana stuff too.

First, the planning. It really is helping to keep me inspired, and organised enough to follow through. My fear was that it would stop me feeling the freedom of unschooling, and that I would feel so tied to it that I couldn't budge from the plan without chaos and mayhem and shouting and crying happening. Um, well, that *has* happened in the past!

The main thing is, I think, that I wrote down a slightly more regular version of what was already happening. I have the extra motivation to stick to it because I have a chart (in pretty colours, with pictures, oh yes indeedy) and lists and tick sheets (ohhh how I love a good tick sheet) and a ringbinder with pockets (sad, I know).Rather than giving me headaches and making me feel restricted, or panicky when we go off on a tangent, or stressed when the children just WON'T FIT IN WITH THE PLAN, it has been really freeing. We have more time. We have more time, and a list of things to do in it. We don't forget activities we wanted to fit in, and there is a space for them. We don't sit around wondering what to do next. :)At some point I will do my own planning sheets to fit on exactly what I need. But for now the ones I found here have been very helpful (and free, we like free).

Last week I hunted around on Matzo Ball Soup and we did this and this (well, roughly lol, and as wall posters rather than cards).

And here is one finished and up. We later took it down again to try to write on it, copying the lettering from Matzo Ball Soup, though I doubt very much we got it right!Last night we took our candle lighting to Emma and Chris, to keep the feast together (and because late afternoon/evening is a rubbish time for Connor to travel to get to us!) and I took with us all the food we'd been cooking through the day yesterday. These are my candles (and the tealights for the children) - Emma's were stood on her newly clean and decorated fireplace.Jenna took several really lovely pictures, running around everyone with the camera as we ate and just spent time together keeping the feast as best we can. :)

And there you have it, our disjointed thoughts and updates for today. :)


  1. I *love* making lists. And doing things with ringbinders. The more pockets, the better. I'm embarking on one such phase at the minute, actually, now I can see cold weather and dark days creeping up on us.

    Is Spindrift any good? i keep seeing it, and thinking "oooh"...but not doing anything about it!

  2. I have found a few great bits in it, and find it worth dipping back into, but it isn't as good as I thought it would be. On the other hand I've used bits of it for about two years lol!


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