10 September 2010

Grateful List

I feel inspired to write a list of things that reminded me today how good life is and how many reasons I have to smile. :)

When I woke up, my baby smiled at me. My first thought, before "what are you doing here" and "how long have you been feeding for" was "wow, I am so lucky to have you in my life!"

I saw the season table and remembered that Autumn is rushing in on me with its crisp golden sweet smokey scent. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Autumn?

The pair of burnt down candles (and two smaller ones for the older girls) were out on the table. I have two big Shana Tov posters up on my wall too. I am so grateful for the passing on of wisdom and the generations of faithfulness that have assisted me in learning about my heritage.

My wool winder, clamped to the children's shelves, has been played with. I love that they use real things. I love that they love wool. I love the meditative quality of winding wool, working with wool, traditional crafts. If this seems incongruous to come after the previous statement, who am I to say what God does and does not find sacred and worshipful? ;)

There is some corn ripe in my garden. YUM.

Bread dough proving overnight is ready to throw in the oven. Mmm raisins. Mmm cinnamon sugar!

In spite of the current teething thing with Roo, my children are so incredibly healthy and full of life! Their noise is joyful and uninhibited. And I'm usually a grumpy sod about it.

Things are going to plan, and the plan is helping us to enjoy ourselves together more and find our footing through the day. And I'm getting better and better at adapting it to our needs rather than trying to fit US to IT.

Jenna read to me again this morning. :)

I am sitting in an actually *clean* living room where my children are happily playing together and eating apples off the tree in our garden.

There is a lot to be thankful for!

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