2 September 2010

Something to show for it

Well, for all the lovely pictures, this week has been emotionally tough and mentally exhausting!

Last week Morgan went on footwear strike - she always has had a thing about the seams on her socks lining up, and then she decided that shoes of any kind were pushing the socks into bunches so she refused to wear them. It has taken the wearing of seasonally inappropriate crocs without socks to get us out of the house. I am beyond fed up with being stuck at home so we ARE going to get back to going for a walk every day.

Cue the last two days. Fight over footwear. Settle on crocs when we find the other one somewhere a shoe could not possibly be (this happens almost every day, seriously, I need to persuade my children that shoes live on the shoe rack or me remaining sanity will not last til winter). Insist on carrying coats for children who say they are not cold. End up carrying coats all morning. Yup.

Then today, Jenna only wants to go out if she has her bike. Helment nowhere to be found, and I insist she needs it if the bike is coming. We are walking a long way, and crossing roads, and she needs her helment. She cries. And cries. And refuses to leave the house. And searches the house for another hour before I say that we are now going and it is too late. Seriously, I need to persuade my children on the matter of tidying up in general, and putting things back when they are done specifically.

Well, we foraged. Two baskets of berries. :)

Though the stress it caused I am unsure it was worth it.

Then there is the eating madness, which descended recently and had two little girls empty my fridge and eat ingredients meant for the rest of the week in about ten minutes flat. Including the entire filling from a quiche, a packet of cooked sausages, a pot of cream cheese, six yoghurts, two lemons (?) and the rest of the flapjack.

The baby, meanwhile, tore all the financial stuff out of the back of my notebook and shredded it.

This week we have got a lot done. Everything has fitted in its neat little slot. We have done what we intended to. But we are all miserable. I can't tell you *what* is going on with us, except that perhaps the children are coming down with something as they are still grumpy as hell today. It has really been one of those weeks when I want to throw up my hands and say, "oh what's the point?!"


  1. We are having the same sort of week over here! Something in the air?? Hope the weekend brings a break from...life. That's what I feel like I need, a break from life for like an hour!

  2. (((((hugs))))))))

    I've been feeling like this too - today, admittedly was better and felt more harmonious.... but yes, I've got to the stage where I cringe and immediately feel annoyed as soon as the kids start to squabble.

    Hopefully, the weekend will be lovely and we'll all start the new week with renewed vigor! ;-) can but hope, eh. :-)

  3. Hmm... and I thought I was having an odd week!!
    Big hugs to you. Remember when it all gets too much eat chocolate, that's my motto
    San xx

  4. Oh yeah. It's just one thing after another some days (weeks, months...). I feel for you, I know it well. I like that you are honest about it though. Apart from maybe Soulemama, does anyone really have this perfect harmonious life we all crave I wonder sometimes....? :P I am knid of lauging about the shoe thing, my dd is a shoe kicker when she comes home, I can never find a matching pair of footwear for her (or a dry pair), it's horrendous some times, I'd like a neat little basket or shoe bag for each of them to inspire them to be tidy but have not summoned the energy (or space) to make such arrangements yet. Hope your weekend with more than one pair of adult hands on board is easier...


  5. Lol, all of you, I don't remember what I did before I had this community because you make me feel so *normal*! We can have what LOOKS like such a great week, and at the end of it I just feel like we didn't do anything RIGHT because we're all cranky anyhow. Clearly cranky is normal sometimes, and I have to get to grips as much with my expectations of perfection as I do with the children's chaos-making abilities...

  6. Hang on and take deeo breaths.
    I like to think that everything has a reason even if we can't see what is it!


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