15 September 2010

Before and After

Well, today has turned out to be a lovely productive contented day in spite of the illness and tiredness and general can't-be-bothered-ness of this morning. :) The girls settled down after breakfast to play libraries. I wasn't keen on disrupting their game so I left them to it. :)
Then after lunch, we did all the activities I meant to do today in one go. Morgan did some pouring activities with barley. Jenna finished her crochet garland from yesterday (for the season table). And Roo? She tormented me for the house phone again. "Hellllo? Hellllloo?"
Then we all had a go at grinding barley. It was hard work! If we ever grow some of our own we will have to find a way to buy a mill for it, it was amazing thinking that people actually used to do basically this for any bread they wanted to eat. It was a rather humbling experience.Snack time, and very well earned too.And a rest.Then comes the whole "before and after" thing. This is what my living room looked like at the start of the week. Amazing!!
Um, then this is what happens when the baby decides to "help" with the barley...Gratuitous baby shot, practicing yoga in the evening chaos. What do you think of her downward facing dog? Better than mine, that's for sure! I love LOVE love that when she does this, she pants like a dog, laughs, and says "oof". :) Ah my tiny toddler.And here is my happily playing big girl, who seems to be getting her molars already. Morgan heard her talking about maybe having a wobbly tooth "when I'm seven" and declared that SHE is ALREADY seven. "Um, sorry, you're three. You'll be seven in four years." Morgan howled; "But I want a wobbly tooth SOON!" Oh it will be soon, probably far too soon for mummy! I just hugged her and hugged her.

All three are coughing now, but a bit less snotty than this morning. Looks like it won't be a long-lasting lurgy then (I'm happy to give the elderberries and manuka honey credit for that lol). We have some baking tomorrow, and we HAVE to get to the post office, and that's it. Not too ambitious I hope!


  1. Looks like a good day. I am a fan of elderberries and honey to nip lurgies in the bud. Laughing at Morgan already being 7. James's phrase is 'when I'm 14', which includes stopping b/feeding, apparently ;)

  2. Great day, lots going on.
    Taking our elderberry honey syrup too as signs of lurgies this week but they've been kept at bay so far.

    Enjoy your baking tomorrow x

  3. Libraries was one of my favourite games when I was little *Grin*

    The girls have the most amazing selection of toys.

    (That fruit picture has made me very hungry)

  4. You know Sarah... I really enjoy reading your posts, but also LOVe your tags... they are just great!
    It sound like you had a good day... hope you got to the post office!!! I'm glad you're better!
    xx Shanti

  5. Yes we're feeling normal this morning thankfully, so it has gone in time to not disrupt my weekend plans! Rowan's eczema is always the first sign something isn't right for her, and the last thing to heal (thank goodness for home made lavender balm). And we got things in the post yesterday, so all is good. :)


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