17 September 2010

An Unplan

I love being at home with my children, able to come and go as we please. I love being flexible, able to change activities in or out to spend a day doing something totally different (or coming to the rescue of a friend when needed). I love knowing that my children are learning wherever we are and whatever we are doing. I love taking our reading time out of doors, playing maths games in the kitchen, or talking about the solar system on a walk to the shops, and just being who we are where we are. I love those days that totally don't go to plan, but take us somewhere better instead.

(And we did get to the post office too, and bake bread, in the end.)


  1. :-) We've had a rather unplanned day too.. sadly though because illness is threatening, and I decided a day mostly home (picked up mindee from nursery at lunchtime and stopped off for a 20 mins at the park), was in order where i can dose us both and hopefully limit the sniffles!

    Have a lovely evening, hun :-)

  2. I love unplanned days too! It's so fun to let children take the lead and see what happens... =)


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