11 September 2010

More Walks

I have three little collectors now with their bags in hand. It's a developmental milestone to me as sure as starting to crawl or walk! Jenna collects very specific treasures and herbs that she has seen me gathering. Morgan is less discriminating and collects all of one type of thing (or two types of things). Often we will find forty acorns, some mouldy, in Morgan's bag. And that baby? Totally an equal opportunities scavenger - handfulls of leaf litter or assorted grit! I'm just waiting for the day when we look in her pockets and find a little collection of small stones, she is so close to this stage already. :)

Healing from the hedgerows, masses and masses of woundwort. I have a tincture and a floral water steeping now in lovely glass jars in my cupboard.

When Jenna was a baby I never would have put this picture up, too exposed (and not for fear of offending either, only out of a sort of squeemishness and shame about my own body).
I love the creativity of children with sticks! These were broomsticks, umbrellas, walking sticks, swords, and horses, all in the space of half an hour.

Today we're off out to Attenborough again, having promised to drop in on Roland just around the corner. :) Ohh the crisp freshness of the air at this time of year. I want to *breathe* in the heady end-of-summer scents and the misty chill of Autumn.


  1. Some lovely picture there, especially that picture of you and Martin. I love this time of year too, outdoor time is still lovely, but there is that hint of becoming more home-based too. Perfect!

  2. A stick is the finest plaything a small can have!
    GTM :o)

  3. Oh my gosh, the photo of Roo with the bag is so adorable :-)

    As always, beautiful photos. YOur girls look so happy and alive :-) And I must get on, we have a b'day part to attend this afternoon!

  4. Lovely pictures, you look really happy in the picture with Martin :-)

    Our walk today involved a stick being many things, oh the joys of nature's "toys".

  5. I just have to let you know how much I love your blog...inspirational


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