28 September 2010


 This little lambkin, fast asleep, snuggled in her much loved wrap.  She brings it to me and shouts "up up angoo [translation: thankyou] up angoo up!"  The other thing I love to hear right now is "huggle!"  *melt*
This huge great baby bear turned one last week, and I was too busy packing to post a special birthday greeting to him.  Sweet Connor, keep right on just as you are, you precious crazy toddler!  And dear mama-friend, may you see the purpose and the blessing in the struggle - and may this next year with your beautiful son see the sunlight breaking through those clouds.  xxx
 Yes, I put gold sprinkles on his cake.  ;)  And here we have a photograph of my weekly shop (minus the veg box - and the monthly supplies already in my storecupboard).  Yes, I photographed my shopping.  Yes, I have been guilty of this before.  Accept the crazy, it has purpose - a little welcome mat to you who are sharing the very ordinaryness of my life.  :)
That pink folder again, my Bible, a new book, and a Moomin.  He belongs to my husband.  These are sitting besides my chair, in daily use at the moment.  Except the Moomin.  He just happened to be sitting there for a rest on his way somewhere exciting in the sticky hands of a small child.
There are Moomins everywhere in my house at the moment!  I was so excited to find this cookbook while we were in London.  Cultural studies plus geography plus cooking plus fun and randomness (plus Moomins).  What's not to love?


  1. Wow, moomins - haven't seen them for years!
    Loving the sharing of your ordinaryness, lovely wholesome foods and all.

    I don't think I could ever tire of being asked for a hug, whatever the word has been to ask for it, time to stop and be together. Lovely x

  2. Oh wow, I loved the moomins as a kid. I found a site a while back when I was looking for something for some pagan friends who are heathen flavoured, that was had moomin books etc.. Haha, found it:


  3. Oh my goodness Moomins!!! Jealous!!

  4. Please let me know where you got your wooden Moomin?!?

  5. The fabulous fabulous Lorilee! :) She is amazing, her toys are gorgeous and the shipping is relatively inexpensive (and best of all, her parcels have always magically avoided customs for us lol)! :)


  6. Oh thank you! We absolutely love Moomins and I've never seen wooden ones - perfect! I'm really trying to control my purse strings at the moment but I'm not sure I can resist Moominmamma and Moominpappa!!!! Love your blog by the way but it always make me feel guilty that I can't seem to keep mine up to date, ah well ;o)

  7. Amanda, thankyou so much for the sweet compliment, I'm glad you are enjoying sharing our days. :)


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