7 September 2010

Not Back to School Picnic

And I can report that we have finally met people!!

San, you and your family are lovely, it was SO GOOD to have an afternoon together. After you left we found Benedict's compass under the trees, if you are looking for it! :)

Other HE families came! Apparently I am on the wrong mailing lists for Derby. There are others out there, really, and we can meet them! I feel suddenly so much less alone, without even meeting most of them. Two families spent the afternoon chatting and playing and picnic-ing. It was fantastic. And sunny. Very very sunny. :)

The baby has a black eye from walking under a swing, and a scraped face from catching her foot while climbing off a seesaw. The older two both have ingrained soil on their feet from going barefoot all day (inconvenient yes, but I LOVE the sheer wildness of it). We are exhausted, but happy. :)

(Too many emoticons, lazy writing, ARGH overthinking it again... Ignore me.)

What a lovely day. :)


  1. Super dooper! Oh I am glad you had a wonderful time and met other HE families :-)

  2. It was lovely to meet you too! Hang on to the compass no doubt we'll see you again at some point! We actually foraged for elderberries on the walk back to the car.

    Dave not good, please keep him in your prayers. There was so much i wanted to ask you. I'll have to PM you on the GP forum instead!

    Glad you have the chance to meet others
    Hugs San and all xxx

  3. It's lovely that you got to met like minded people.


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