22 September 2010

London and lots of Boobs!

One of the strangest weekends of my entire life! Even packing and loading everyone in the car was tinged with a strange air of "I'm really doing this, I must be mad!"But off we trouped to the Boobs for Babes calendar shoot, staying for the weekend with Martin's brother Tim for ease of dragging children around in a slightly more rested state. The children adore Tim and Nusa, and their grown-up house, and their little paved garden, and their computers and their biscuits - etc. ;)

Nervous short journey to the venue, and there we were!
I have to say that I never in a million years would have come up with such a wonderfully insane idea, or been able to pull it off so smoothly and professionally. Rachael, you are a super star.
As it is, I never even imagined participating in something like this! I am insecure about my body, I am a curvy mama with wobbly bits, I am *normal*. And yet there I was, sitting stark naked in a room full of equally bare *glowing* mamas, tandem nursing my nearly four year old and my eighteen month old toddler. For a camera. Eek!What an amazing, strange, hilarious, magical, spiritual, companionable, exhausting, funny day.

Just around the corner, famous landmarks and galleries, a bit of culture before returning to Tim and Nusa's for tea.
Then on Sunday we took another trip into the centre of London (finding conkers and deadly nightshade on the way to the underground)...And came back here.
To see this!

Yes, we walked their little legs off over the two days in London. And came home on Sunday night totally out of sync with our usual routines! But what memories!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend, you brave mamas - well done to you all!
    Wonderful memories from museums will stay with them a long time I'm sure, they do here too :-)


  2. Well - I am looking forward to hanging you all on my wall next year - glad it went so well and it must have been such a great experience. xx

  3. You persuaded your children to tandem nurse for a camera? Surely that's an achievement in itself?! Mine won't do anything in front of a camera, they'll barely look at one on demand.

    Helen. x

  4. Sounds like such a lovely, connecting, magical weekend xxx

  5. Morgan takes no persuading whatsoever LOL if there's milk involved she's there! One of the few times I've actually offered to feed her in the past year, so I knew she wouldn't say no. Rowan on the other hand... She mostly climbed around and looked astonished at so many breasts in one small bar. I think we got at least one with both of them nursing though!

  6. Looking forwad to seeing the calendar when it's ready :-)

    Turned out pennies were a little rare otherwise I would have caught the train up to say hello to everyone. Sounds like a lovely time though! :-)

  7. Lovely photos, and funnily enough, despite all the great pictures of London, I think the one of you knitting away is the nicest one :)

  8. Great pictures and such a fun and interesting experience!!!


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