5 September 2010

In the Park - In the Dark

Sounds like a Dr Seuss book, no? What it was however, is a very late-in-the-day total change of plans, adventure, escapade, call it what you will. It was FUN. :)As we were eating tea I had a call from my mum, asking if we were going out. Out where? It's quite late! Well apparently I had totally missed the fact that it was the weekend of the concert and fireworks on Darley Park... We thought about it, well, long day, a bit stressful, cold, what about the children getting tired, would we be able to get space arriving late, etc. Then I made up two flasks of chamomile tea and one of cocoa, packed a blanket, re-dressed the children, and hunted high and low for coats.Fireworks! :) The baby was amazed, laughing and pointing. Morgan hid her face in Martin's shoulder and said the noise was hurting (she peeped out a bit when he helped to cover her ears for her). Beautiful!One more thing to love about babywearing and breastfeeding, the facility for my tinies to assimilate a new and perhaps even slightly scary experience from the comfort and pleasure of the familiar loving arms of their mama. Rowan nursed and pointed, and talked with her mouth full, and cuddled in tight at the loudest bangs

What a funny night it turned out to be. I was so tired and feeling out of sorts, and then the prospect of something totally different changed everything. :)


  1. Sounds like an excellent evening. The fireworks look wonderful.

    I am starting to look forward to the local displays in November

  2. I like what you said about breastfeeding and babywearing. I had to go into hospital with Ryan recently and I was so glad that I was still nursing him, I really think it helped him in that stressful and unfamiliar environment. He was totally unfazed - actually I felt like a bit of a fraud for taking him in at all!

    Amy (foreversomeday)

  3. Now there's a sure fire sign that autumn is here, fireworks!!

    Glad you all found the extra energy to enjoy yourselves. Waiting to see Sophie's reaction this year to fireworks. Definitely was not keen last year.

  4. Lovely! It must be a 3yr old thing, Rye doesn't like big noises either, which has curtailed some events I've fancied this year. Hoping its a phase that passes very quickly!

    Glad the unexpected adventure was fun - it looks like the fireworks were spectacular :-)


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