29 September 2010

Sunset Walking

We needed some fresh air and adventure, so we headed off to the woods in the darkening evening.

Little Roo was so delighted by the wellies and waterproofs, their first proper outing since winter and they now actually fit!  The suit is 9-12m size, bless her tiny teeny baby boots.
This next picture makes me eek!  Really, sometimes, I catch her looking just too grown up.

And if you fall flat on your face in the woods, hey, no worries - you can always wipe your hands on a conveniently located Daddy...


  1. We had a sky like that last night too. Unfortunately I was too busy tryng to round kiddies up from outside or a bath, and putting the chickens away to get a photo of it!


  2. brilliant pics, LOVE LOVE LOVE going out in the dark so magical and exciting! and what else are Daddies legs for if not for hand wiping?


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