12 September 2010

Sunny Sunday

We headed off to Church this morning, I'll admit mostly out of a sense of duty rather than a real wish to be there. But I'm so so glad we did.

One of the first hymns was one of those with too many syllables for the meter, and oh heavens we murdered it.

I was about to start having a bad attitude about the whole morning, until I noticed the vicar's wife rolling her eyes just a little and laughing, and realised just how silly it was to get upset about folks expressing themselves and being willing basically to make a total hash of it, with passion. The attitude adjustment had me giggling along too, as we all ended at different points in the song. This I can say about Church, it isn't perfect - and it probably isn't meant to be. But I'm there for a reason. :) Also, the Bible Study this morning really touched me and inspired me, and I've not been feeling the same meaningfulness in Church lately so I was really grateful for that too.

At the end, we realised we'd come unprepared for the interchurch rounders and picnic, so we dashed off to grab some bread and humous and carrot sticks and olives. Oh my goodness it was GLORIOUS this afternoon! The park was fantastic. And Jenna had her first ever rounders match (she won the team three points - though OK we still lost). :)

*sigh* What a lovely finish to the weekend. I feel so refreshed and ready to start another busy week of home-based mayhem and learning. :)

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