20 May 2009

That List (an update after less than a week lol!)

- We bought two non-plastic drink bottles on day 1. They've been on my wish list for ages, but always sidelined in favour of Important Things like shoes. That ought to help with the water carrying!

- We have been outside, in the garden, the park, learning to ride a grown-up bike without stabilisers on the street (Jenna obviously lol) in all weathers and at all hours of the day. I've got more seedlings coming up and am REALLY EXCITED about the garden again. Plus the children are sleeping reeeally well. ;)

- So far we have worked on clearing the living room - including the back of the sofa and the computer table. I did the toy storage about half an hour after posting my list of goals and it feels so good to not just be sitting moaning about it! Sorting washing got interrupted by a newborn munchkin who didn't want to be in a sling thankyou-very-much, but hey we're working on a bit at a time and not being too ambitious.

- We have been reading, drawing, crafting and playing games together. The TV has hardly been on at all, and the children have stopped whinging about wanting a video on (mostly lol).

- I have been cooking with the girls underfoot, and loving it. We have tried out a couple of new vegan recipes and have reorganised our vegetable deliveries.

- I found jeans that fit me, in Oxfam, for £5. :)

- The art wire is up. It has nothing on it so far because we need more pegs, they're all holding up washing (though not today admittedly, it is very rainy!). No apple tree yet though lol.


  1. hurray weldone on achieving some of the goals on your list.x

    Lucy xx

  2. Fantastic!!! Sounds as if you really have made headway with lots of things!!! Although I didn't publish a list, I did sort of write one, and I have today cleared my clutter filled bedroom.
    So thank you, for inspiring the positive!

  3. Good to hear you're feeling more sorted. I'm hoping to follow suit and post a list soon too. Maybe tonight if Phoebe sleeps... she never sleeps. lol. REally inspiring to hear your plans and how you are doing. xx

  4. Oh well done, fabulous steps :)
    I keep trying to blog about our goals, but can never get enough uninterrupted time...

    Gina xxx

  5. Well done you!

  6. big hug darling, you are amazing xx


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