1 May 2009


Jenna was sick all night and then slept all day. I was sick all day and all night. Rowan spit up all of one feed and a bit of another and was fine after that. We all seem OK this morning! Rowan is a bit grumpy though, from having had me detach her and rush to the bathroom at least ten times through the night. Poor baby.

Look what arrived this morning though - Denise, you are amazing! She's such a gorgeous little snuggly thing, none of us can stop touching her. I had forgotten just how adorable they feel when they still have no muscle tone and those little soft hairy monkey arms are all skin and fat and bone. I'm surprised with all the kisses that she didn't get sick too! The power of mummy milk I guess. Which would also explain why Morgan was only sick once...

This morning they nursed together, with Rowan lying on top of Morgan, Morgan's hand stroking and hugging her little sister the whole time. When Rowan fell asleep like that Morgan very carefully unlatched too and scooted away, supporting Rowan's head with her hand, so that Rowan could lie comfortably next to me on the bed. :)


  1. what a lovely little outfit xx

  2. ok I'm crying ... huge sobs .. she looks so beautiful, so gorgeous.
    I am so very honoured to see her wearing it, thankyou.
    Thankyou for sharing your lovely family, your wise words and your friendship.
    May you all be richly blessed always

  3. I had to put it on her right away, thankyou so much... I cried when I opened it too, and was showered with golden butterflies.

    What more blessing could a mama want than to have such friends? (hug)

  4. I'm glad you are all better and I'm really glad that tandem feding is going well for you all, that's wonderful :)

    What a beautiful outfit from Denise, she is one talented mama!! Rowan looks gorgeous in it.

    Love Gina xxx

  5. Aw, so glad you're all on the mend. Holly was the only one who avoided norovirus when we all got it and I'm sure that was from my bm.

    love the outfit :)

  6. Just passed an award on to you on my blog
    Love Gina xxx


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