8 May 2009

How can they be mine?

Happy sunshiney pictures by my biggest girl.

Said biggest girl, making the prickly pile up pieces talk to each other - here they are apparently dancing. :) All the things that she learns every day! She still speaks so articulately, and is so grown up. Almost everywhere we go, everyone we meet comments on how polite and confident and well-spoken she is. Usually only moments before they find out she doesn't go to school and tell me she will be socially disadvantaged. ;)

A toddler, who has not worn a nappy all week (oh how time flies, so quickly I forget even to mention such happenings because it all just fits together so naturally)! She has been nappy-free at home since she could walk (and before that, when we did EC with her until she started to crawl) but any time we put clothes on her we would end up with damp knees and little puddles on floors. So we just left it, no big deal, no potty training, no fuss. This week we took her out without a nappy, and never looked back. Another unexpected, as I bought wholesale the conventional wisdom that such things must NEVER be attempted in the midst of a major life-change like a new sibling. ;) Another first, another last, another step along the road.

And of course, my new precious daughter. I just will NOT let myself think that in the blink of an eye she too will be so tall and strong and fast...


  1. the picture of martin and all 3 girls is absolutely fantastic.
    I cant believe morgan is out without nappies, thats fantastic, well done norgan :o)

    kim xx

  2. Well done Morgan. Love the photos too.


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