15 May 2009

Random scenes of our yesterday activities

(With added thanks for the crying support network, those who suggested fennel tea get extra added bonus friend-points! I drank some last night and we skipped the colic game altogether. *phew*)

This is Rowan early in the morning. I put her down for a moment to get dressed, and saw this serious grunty thumb sucking going on! I took a picture before picking her up and nursing again lol, but I was really very shocked. I guess we breastfeed so frequently I didn't even suspect she would look elsewhere, and she's so tiny to have discovered her hands already in the first place!
Two big girls playing rough again. I try not to comment unless there is an angry face or unless someone protests and the other doesn't respond. After all, rolling around play fighting is fun. I'm spending a lot of time at the moment thinking that I was four once, I was two once, and I remember how frustrating it was to be nagged about every single fun thing in my world. It's against my nature to back off, shut up, and let them get on with things. But they really need it!
Some sewing - I mended my favorite fairtrade t-shirt, with new buttons from the button box. It is a great improvement, not only to have four actual buttons (two had broken) but to have bright non-matching ones. :) I had quite a bit of fun going through the button box too; it was very nearly my favorite toy when I was about seven and going through my MUM'S buttons (kept in an old ice-cream tub with grey-ish peeled-off label on top and broken seal around one corner!). I have just realised as I type this that I am too posessive of my sewing supplies and should start letting the girls play with them.
In the evening I nursed a tired Morgan to sleep. And then was passed a tired Rowan and nursed her to sleep as well. There is not enough room on my sofa!


  1. The thumb-sucking thing really confused me too - I thought that breastfed-on-cue babies didn't suck their thumbs, but Grace often (and always has) sucks her thumb but refuses to nurse. Sometimes she gets terribly fraustrated that there is milk coming out, and latches on and off repeatedly before finding her thumb and sucking contentedly.....

    Broken Man's Wife

  2. I used to love playing with buttons too. Immie calls them Nanny-Treasure cause i don't have a button box so it's a game reserved for Nanny's house : )
    You look really well, i have to say and i love your top, it's very flattering. Love the piccie of Morgan asleep and Rowan nursing. Morgan looks so peaceful and chilled!
    Megan (Mum to Imogen) xxx

  3. beautiful pics, oh and my dd lucy who is now 15 still sucks her thumb and was breastfed till she was 4 lol.
    sue xx

  4. E sucked his thumb from quite early, he was bf on demand but rarely would nurse to sleep, he used to fight to stay awake. If you laid him down, in went the thumb and he was asleep within a minute or so.

  5. Love that top, great button choosing!

    Rowan is gorgeous :)

    The photo of Jenna and Morgan made me smile, as it could have been a picture of Mia and Tarka lol..

    Gina xxx

  6. Oh I do love all the photos :) Hehehe I was showing Rye the photos too and he looked at Rowan on the coach and said "puppy".. not quite sure why; except its a new word he's learnt today. I told him that the baby was Rowan... and he then started pointing and saying "babeee" And he was very taken with the photo of Morgan on Jenna's back.

    Kids eh.
    I'm so sorry my son thinks your beautiful daughter is a "pup-eee"

  7. Haha oh Rye that is so funny! Morgan calls her "Row-row" at the moment. And we call her our little baby dragon, because she does the biggest burps, just like a little roar. :)

  8. wow that babygrow is so cool ;)

  9. Lol it is isn't it? :) Someone chose very very good baby gifts...


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