31 May 2009

Pentecost Sunday and Nottingham Ecofest

The breakfast table set for Whitsun morning. Jenna made the dove yesterday, and the felt vine was a recent treat from the Fairtrade shop. The chicken salt and pepper pots frequently have conversations with each other...

I often have a hard time not getting wound up by that sort of thing - my inner control-freak screams out that we shouldn't be PLAYING at the table - but I'm getting better at just smiling. It helps to put things in perspective when I imagine myself fondly recounting these stories in twenty years time, when the culprits are grown into wonderful bright, strong, interdependant adults. The days when the chicken salt-and-pepper pots dance on our breakfast table and sing a song about porridge suddenly become precious.

Before breakfast we read a couple of Bible passages and lit the candle in the bowl of water to watch the dove "flying" above the table. Jenna prayed a grace without us suggesting that anyone do so - and included thanks for sending the Holy Spirit to guide and help us! This girl is just too bright, she is clearly taking in absolutely everything. There is rarely a day when that knowledge doesn't terrify me.
Whitsun "Dove Wings" from All Year Round. I got the ribbon on my brave First Trip into town last week. Both girls spent the hour before church running off energy with them and "flying" off the chair!

Ecofest pictures. What a gorgeous sunny afternoon.
I found fairtrade silk fairy dresses for the girls, but don't have a picture of them yet. Oh they are too gorgeous. I have been careful all week so we'd have spending money - but best of all I was amazed to find a Free stall there with lots of clothes laid out for anyone to come take what they needed. :) I have an orange summer dress and a children's shirt from those lovely people! Also great to meet some more Green Parents again, and enjoy seeing the children run around together in the sun.

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