6 May 2009

Another set of nursing pictures

I know, I know - there have been a lot of these lately. Hey, guess what I'm spending most of my time doing?

We really must get some better pictures of Rowan... It's just that she's so often being snuggled and she's so often squishily asleep, and frankly, we're too busy gazing at her to remember that cameras exist. She's getting bigger already though. Every time, this lengthening and uncurling shocks me and fascinates me and makes me just a little sad for how fast it happens and how soon the real newness wears off.


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous! I know exactly what you mean about how fast it goes third time around, I realsied, just yesterday, that Willow isn't a new born baby anymore!

  2. Most of the ones we have of Grace at that age or snuggly, squishy, naked ones too! She seemed too new to put anything too restrictive on that snuggly soft skin, so we just covered her with a blanket mostly and snuggled up to her. She still sleeps with her face completely buried in one of us! She clearly hasn't read the co-sleeping guidelines!

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