15 May 2009

I love charity shops!

What we found yesterday in Magic Attic...Fab books full of lovely illustrations and some great games and science projects.More children's books - love these very retro school reading-program books, real character and interest rather than some of the bland modern stuff we've come across!This is an inside view of "Herb the Vegetarian Dragon" which is a really great cookbook for children, with lots of recipes for Jenna to try her hand at. I was so glad to find this!Some clothes (for Jenna and Rowan) and a puzzle that I actually had as a child. And a thin baby blanket with charming nursery rhyme illustrations all over it, for my expectant friend who adores vintage and reclaimed fabrics!


  1. what brill finds, my local charity shops are'nt very good, your lucky :)
    sue xx

  2. Wow! What great finds. We have the herb the vegetarian dragon storybook, and it is lovely :)

  3. I just had a similar post on my blog! I love thrift stores and always seem to find such good things after a bit of a search!


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