8 May 2009

My family

Well, some folks WERE complaining that there were not enough pictures the last couple of weeks. ;) Nothing like feast-or-famine to keep you on your toes. Morgan's little tearstained face was because she was not allowed to take Rowan off Martin! They really do fight over who gets the most kisses and cuddles with this baby - so much so we're lucky if me and the daddy get a look in.
It feels strange to dress this little boo still, but the wind has been deceptively piercing even with her in a wrap all the time! Speaking of which, she HATES being in the slings when she's awake, and will only settle in them when already drowsy. She's just in arms all the time, in someone's arms anyway. She loves cuddling up with other family members, smiles beautifully for them, even lies peacefully in Jenna's arms for long periods. Oh I miss her then!

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