6 May 2009

May Day pictures

(yes I know that was ages ago in blog-land lol, but I will continue to use the babymooning excuse for another few weeks yet - after which I shall find another!)

Baskets for gathering may, and ribbon crowns for two little fairies. I love love love may blossom, gloriously laden branches everywhere we go! Nursing on the farm, where we visited with the animals, played on the swings, and bought ice-cream. Particular amusement from watching a large gathering of small boys in heated discussion about whether a wheelbarrow full of, um, compost (!) was the work of the goats or the chickens. A living room picnic for tea, after retreat from the cold and damp of the garden. And cake, complete with maypole. :)


  1. Love the maypole cake, I so meant to do one but exhaustion overtook me so DH had a plain birthday cake (with candles) but no maypole!


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