13 May 2009

Fresh air

Much needed walks and outdoor play this morning after a few colicky evenings and some really bad news.

Martin's mum has been in remission for a while now, having had some cancerous spots on her legs. Now the cancer is back, and seems to have spread to her stomach and neck as well. Things aren't looking good, but they're still talking in terms of treatment, so we hold on to hope. It has been a very sad day though, and Martin is struggling to hold back his tears.

Out we went to the farm, did a little bit of food shopping (fresh veggies are my favorite retail therapy after books and beautiful wooden toys!) and spent a while in the wind and the light warm rain playing on the big trampolines and swings. My mum, beautiful as ever, spent a happy while babywearing.
All prayers appreciated for my darling Mother-in-law. :(

And huge thanks to Becks, whose gift was perfectly timed to make my morning seem a whole lot less dark. Thankyou hun, they are beautiful. :)


  1. lots of good vibes coming your way for Martin's mum!

    Love that pic of your mum babywearing!

  2. **hugs** for Martin and yourself.

    Sad and scary news aside; it sounds like you are in your element. Beautiful photos :)


  3. Hey guys,

    Just thought I'd leave you a little note to say you are in my thoughts and prayers. Wish I could be there to give you a big hug and some support.

    Love to you all, Ashleigh.xxx

  4. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  5. (((HUGS))), prayers and thoughts for all.

  6. hugs for Martins mum =[

    That swing looks so much fun!

  7. Praying for you all, and especially your mother-in-law,

    Broken Man's Wife

  8. Really sorry to hear about your MIL. Thoughts are with you all.

  9. beautiful pics of a very lovely family :)
    prayers and healthy vibes to martins mum xx

  10. gorgeous pictures, loving all the sling ones.
    am soooo excitied about seeing you next weekend xx


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