17 May 2009

Learning and growing - some family goals

I've been thinking about the way we live at the moment, and how sometimes I need a kick up the backside to do what I know I want to do. I've also been thinking about WHY I have made the choices I have, what things really matter to me right now, and how I want things to change. I have a list. Maybe I'll even use it. ;)

- I need to start carrying water when we go out. We buy too many drinks, and a fair few of them are not even stuff I'd have let the children drink six months ago. It's wasteful too and I want that to stop.

- We will spend more of each day out of doors, get more fresh air, pay more attention to the vegetable patch, and worry less about traipsing mud onto the carpets. Carpets can be replaced. Childhoods less so.

- I want to keep the dining table clear and decorate it more often. I want to pay more attention to the areas of the house where I let piles of junk accumulate, by working through one area a week and then trying to keep it clear. Things I need to sort day-to-day will go in a basket, which will have to be dealt with when it gets full. ;)

- I want to spend more time reading with the children. And I want to start planning an evening activity to do together as a family, perhaps from a list, so that when Martin gets in from work we can do something meaningful all together - probably just after teatime. One of our planned activites will be family drawing time around the table.

- We are going to further cut down on the meat and dairy we eat, I want to not slip back into using so much milk and we have planned next month's meals in advance for more than half to be totally vegan and most of the rest veggie. I want to involve the children in cooking every meal rather than herding them out of the kitchen because I can't be bothered or am in too much of a hurry. It shouldn't matter so much to me to have the inconvenience of their "help" - so what if everything takes twice as long?!

- I need new jeans. I want to make much more effort to find second hand ones and I will buy loose fairtrade trousers online instead if I can't find any charity shop jeans that fit me. I would rather wear jeans less right now than buy another pair of cheap ones that don't last and are made in a way I don't want to support.

- I want to play music CDs every day and not use the television as a babysitter (including DVDs). I need to learn to include them in the things I feel so urgently need to get done rather than spending so much time deciding whether to spend time "with them" OR time "doing jobs".

- I am going to put up an art wire finally. And get another apple tree. Not THINK about doing those things. Not PLAN to do those things. Just DO them. Today if possible. If not, tomorrow. Not "one day". Because I'm sick of waiting for "one day" to just present itself whole and ready formed for my free use. ;)

Anyone want to join me in making something good happen today? What have you been "getting around to"? I'm really excited about this, because I was feeling down during my pregnancy about all the things I was putting off, and now I feel like I've come out of a tunnel and the world is so full of things I can actually do and actually have the energy and desire to do all over again. :)


  1. Wow, that really is a list isn't it? A fantastic list of really worthwhile things and some that (esp the veggie, mess, reading and DVD and doing chores together things) I would like to achieve too. It kind of made me feel that it was mammoth task list though, and with every list...if it's too long you never reach the bottom and its disheartening.
    But as a no time scale kindof planning ahead list it s brilliant. I am inspired to write my own!

  2. Oh, I forgot to say to give yourself a break and carry on enjoying that beautiful baby of yours. I felt the same as you after I had Will,but it is just so easy to try to do too much and come crashing down! As my good friend says....'Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey!!!!'
    Loved this post...really inspiring, thank you for sharing it allxx

  3. Thanks for posting this Sarh, i am inspired to make my own list today :)

    Gina xxx

  4. Yes, feeling inspired too and I have let some things slip; notably Rye wearing disposables (I bought some for the Beltane Camp in Scotland as room was at a premium in the car) and I'm still using them and every single one tweaks my conscience badly.

    Back to washables for us.

    There are other changes that would be nice to implement.

    And goodness, you had an early morning hon, 5am!

  5. You have inspired me too! The basket thing though, I have to say my basket is now overflowing and nothing is happening in the way of sorting it out! Like the evening activity idea, and the helping with jobs thing as I too herd Thomas out of the kitchen because it is so small for me and a little person and I just get radgy! Need to develop more zen like patience

  6. I shall be making my own list today, and I WILL make it today, not put it off til tomorrow :o)

    I might even make it now!

    kim xx

  7. List? Erm, I thought we were going through rather a long list of things, but you really put us to shame lol!
    We are currently having a major clear out in preparation for our big move (as we know that it will take ages to get rid of everything) and our ethos is that we are going to get rid of everything that is not essential, and all that we are aiming to take with us is clothes, games to keep us entertained and a laptop computer each, so that we can listen to music and keep in contact with everyone.
    It's rather a wrench to get rid of some of our books, but we are aimiong for a whole new start and it's amazing to see what rubbish we have accumulated that we can so easily give away when we set our minds to it!
    Simple measures like taking bottles of water and bags of fruit out with us are definitely saving us lots of miney as well.
    If I think of any interesting tips, I'll let you know!

  8. Sarah, I wish you would be kinder to yourself, you are a very lovely and inspiring mama...think I may have mentioned that before lol.
    I too am of to make my own list :)
    sue xx

  9. Very inspiring Sarah, so...my quick list
    I, like you, will remember to take water with me more often;
    I will plan the week's meals better;
    I will try to involve E more in 'chores' and let A 'help' empty the washing basket (he always tries anyway);
    I will try and get a couple of things off my big to-do list each day.

  10. Cool thanks for posting! This is exactly how I've been feeling and it's very energising, feeling very happy at the mo!


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