17 May 2009

Rowan's birth by Jenna

A picture she drew yesterday. :)


  1. Awww bless, the drawing is lovely and how nice to see a young child making sense of life events through art.


  2. Bless her :) What a lovely picture. And I am very impressed by the name-writing too!

  3. that one on the right with spiky hair is martin right?

    kim xx

  4. that is SO cute! Stick it on the fridge!

  5. Ok, you had me filled with tears again...beautiful drawing by such a gorgeous little girl :)
    sue xx

  6. The spiky hair one is Martin, the one in front of the pool is Jenna "with my tangly hair because I was all sleepy!" - and the deformed looking person further back is the midwife sitting on the computer chair (ahh, THAT's why she looks like she has a stem...)! ;)

    I am just catching Rowan, as you can see from my hands just touching the baby who is underneath me. :) Aw Jenna is so fab, I love all the details she has put in (and I love that the midwife is alll the way over there)!


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