1 July 2008

Busy stuff and... CHICKENS!

We've had another lovely weekend, mostly fairly quiet apart from Livy's birthday party which was great. The children of course behaved impeccably (lol) or rather they behaved predictably like small children and were really lovely and sharing and kind coupled with moments of selfish hysteria and mayhem. Jenna got a bit posessive about a pink buggy but some calm validation helped her to cope with being made to take turns and generally a compromise was made.

The library and museum yesterday was one of the best days we've had all week, and things really are back on a very even keel. I'm still getting frustrated with some behaviours (mostly mine) and I'm still feeling a bit stressed about my cycle but I'm willing to accept that God has a plan and that things will work out in time. The children included. ;) Anyhow, the trip into town was so calm and uneventful there isn't anything to write about it apart from that we all came home having done everything we intended to and crucially still friends with each other.

Everyone decided to go to the park today instead of soft play but we had to stick to routine really because we had to be back by 2pm for my Dad. On the plus side, lots of other people had given soft play a miss too so it was really peaceful! Although Jenna didn't have any of her really close friends there, she also didn't have to deal with another big crowd being-left-out situation like last week. She mostly played with the dolls again with some forays into building rocket ships with Ben.

Morgan is still trying to talk much more and spent a while trying to find a little boy who had just thrown his bottle at her. She was walking around doing her all gone sign and shouting, "INK!! INK!!" Once his drink was returned to him she settled back to playing. She also got really upset when she couldn't find Jenna (who had gone down to the toilets on her own) and was shouting for Nenna and crying and again signing all gone. When Jenna came back upstairs she was waiting by the door and yelled NENNA with such a tone of joy and outrage I had to laugh.

Again, getting distracted into all the lovely things that happen in a perfectly normal day. Today was NOT a normal day. It was... CHICKEN DAY!! Two more lovely fat ginger ladies are duly installed and have been (after some debate with Jenna about whether "Spiderman" is a good name for a chicken) named Gloria and Annabelle. We dropped off some hens for Emma and Chris too and I think we got the quieter of the bunch! They are all of them eating really well and recovering fine from the journey in a cardboard box in my Dad's car.

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