6 July 2008

General updates and random thoughts

I just saw an advert for Sharpies (indelible markers) and it reminded me that I'm not the only mother whose children have the mischeif gene. One mum I know was packing to move house when she found that one of the mattresses stacked up to go had been drawn on with one of the markers which she'd been labelling boxes with. In one corner was a little arrow to the pictures with writing saying, "I did not do this, it was [sibling]!" :D

Anyhow, just quick little snippets of not a lot today. The last picture on the slideshow (yesterday's entry) is of the girls that afternoon, making magic water lilies which is an activity I meant to give instructions for in case you want to try it (you should!). It came from the All Year Round book of festivals and celebrations, which we've been working our way through this year and really enjoying.

Magic water lilies:
You need white paper and green paper. From the green paper make leaves with cut out bits on them. From the white paper you need one large star shape for each leaf. Colour in the star on one side (felt tip will run together very nicely) and fold all the "petals" inwards. Stick the flower over the central hole on the leaf, and leave to dry before floating on a bowl of water. The flower petals will very slowly open out. :)

Morgan seems to be having that language explosion common to children of her age, and is saying so many new words every day. Her little stomps have been getting better because of it, obviously she has less frustration now she can tell me more exactly what she wants.

Jenna had a real issue last night with coming back when I called her on the park and I got really upset about it. I kept my voice calm but I'm not sure whether I should be doing something better to solve this sudden impulsive can't-listen period or at least my reaction to it. It's really important for her safety that I can trust her to come to me, but at the same time I understand why she doesn't want to leave the park! More thoughts another time perhaps.

We're getting lots of eggs, and I have some potatoes, carrots, broccoli and peas doing well in the garden right now. And, well, generally everything is going well.

I wish I knew whether my body was getting back to normal or not, but I'm taking folic acid (STILL) and B6/B12 complex just in case either are going to do any good. I suppose I'm feeling really flat about it, like my mind just can't go there and face yet more disappointment.

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