15 July 2008

Today there is peace!

So isn't it about time I actually did an update instead of a meander? Not that I don't enjoy the meanderings too, but I think sometimes the normal everyday and simple gets left behind a little while I get carried away theorising.

We didn't get to soft play today, yet another day when we're totally out of money for anything - though it's entirely my fault. I ordered a new feeder for the chickens because theirs has a huge hole in the top and the food gets soggy. I got a new board game (how could I resist) - it's called Carcassone and Jenna can just manage it although it's meant for the 10+ age range. I love it! And as we worked out quite quickly it isn't at all hard to play co-operatively, whilst when the children are in bed the grownups can fall out over who captured which city and how unfair it is since it was built with the other person's tiles. ;)

So instead another day in the garden; bewailing the loss of almost all of the purple sprouting broccoli but delighted to see the tomatoes flowering. And we have watched Wallace and Gromit (the recent one) for about the tenth time this month, and admired the giant pumpins and marrows in the vegetable show, which we fear we will never match in a million years!

More building, with the tree blocks, on the carpet. Some writing (mostly me, and Jenna a little bit) and all in all a lot of a little, all of it good. In part I can't take the credit for the calm, because Jenna is sleepy after a late night trip to the cinema with Martin and my Dad (another reason why the money has run out at this stage in the week!) which was a total surprise for her and a major "just because" treat. :)

Here's me and Morgan messing about with the old stretchy wrap yesterday evening - and nope, it isn't comfy any more since she got so big *sigh*. I love love love this sling...


  1. Just thought I'd pop a comment to say hello, having finally followed your link ;) What did Jenna see at the pictures?
    PS Those of us with different URLs would find it useful to be able to comment as such: you can enable name/URL comments in your profile...please...?!

  2. Um I think I've done that now (maybe) lol. ;)

    Jenna went to see Kung Fu Panda, which I am really glad I didn't have to sit through lol. Martin and my Dad both agreed it was "not a classic", but Jenna enjoyed it - apparently she spent the entire film asking questions about what was happening but at least they were practically alone in the showing! hehehe

  3. Yeah, you have. I can be myself now ;)
    Just asking because M has never been and we were thinking about it. We were actually considering MammaMia because she *loves* Abba (but I suspect it is a bit adult really).

  4. I think I would probably save that as one to watch with her at home; I don't know about M, but my feeling is that Jenna certainly would have got frustrated and started acting up...

    There wasn't anything in it that I would consider unsuitable, just incomprehensible to a pre-schooler lol.


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